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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Human Face of Climate Change

“Water is Life.” This could not be truer than in the Azawak of West Africa where half a million people have no water for ten months of the year. Only half of the children reach their fifth birthday, and many die simply of thirst. They are the human faces of climate change.

A vast plain approximately the size of Florida on the edge of the Sahara, the Azawak is one of the poorest regions in landlocked countries, Niger and Mali.  Climate change has shortened the rainy season to less than two months a year.  Without rain, the people and animals have no water to drink or bathe with.  Living on the brink of survival, the region’s 500,000 inhabitants walk up to thirty-five miles a day searching for water.  They have no access to roads or schools, and health centers are a two day donkey ride away.  Few development organizations work to improve their lives.

There is hope.  Clean and sustainable sources of water do exist there, at depths ranging from 600 to 3000 feet, too deep to reach without expensive mechanical equipment. As the humanitarian program of the American 501c3 non-profit The Friendship Caravan, Amman Imman is drilling permanent sources of water in order to provide these resilient people a chance to live without the indignity of daily thirst and fear of water-borne illness.   Amman Imman’s borehole wells provide water for up to 25,000 people and animals, and serve as a catalyst for community development. Once water flows year round, other development organizations provide an array of other desperately needed support, such as schools for children and adults, reforestation and environmental protection programs, and food and health aid.

Water is life.  One water source at a time, we can bring water and hope to people who have nowhere else to turn.  Please help fulfil this dream.  The children of the Azawak deserve a better future.

Today is Blog Action Day and the focus is climate change! 

Take action by helping Amman Imman: Water is Life

bring water to the children and families

living in the Azawak of West Africa! 

These are the human faces of climate change!

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