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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Update and Plans for 2011

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Dear Friends of the Azawak,

Greetings this holiday season!  I hope that your holidays have been filled with peace, precious moments spent with loved ones, and joy.  I also hope that your new year is marked with accomplished dreams, good health, and harmony.  I want to take this moment to thank you for your tremendous support.  Thanks to your help, Amman Imman succeeded to bring life and hope to an additional 35,000 people and animals this year.  We hope that next year will prove even more impactful to the communities of the Azawak.

Amman Imman launched 2010 with the construction of the Kijigari borehole, and has since remained busy conducting follow-up support and training.  We also continued to work with Tangarwashane and Chinwagari, our past borehole sites, to strengthen their borehole management committees and ascertain the borehole’s sustainability for years to come. 

As we prepare for 2011, we have many plans to increase and reinforce our impact in the Azawak.  Amman Imman will pursue building Oases of Life in new communities, borehole by borehole.  We are also strategizing so that Amman Imman’s work may provide economic and ecological stability, resiliency and vibrancy to our past and new communities through additional essential projects. 

Denis and I will return to Niger at the beginning of the new year to launch different forms of revenue generating and life-building activities.  For instance, we will work directly with the women of Kijigari, Chinwagari, and Tangarwashane to increase their economic autonomy through a micro-credit project, a sewing and farming cooperative, a livestock program, and revenue-generating activities.  We will also persist directly reinforcing the capacity of our borehole management committees, so that the members continue to protect and properly use their most precious life-giving resource. 

In addition, we will strive to increase the communities’ resiliency to potential food shortages.  As many of you know, Niger was struck by famine this past year.  Many of our friends were left with only mud or dirt to fill their empty bellies.  Child mortality soared and hunger led to dramatic sickness among populations across Niger.   Our boreholes have the potential to dramatically and directly help the communities respond quickly next year, if food shortages once again plague the country.  To help alleviate the effects of a food crisis, we are going to initiate activities such as a micro-irrigation project, a food forest, and sustenance gardening.

Again, thank you for supporting our life-giving work in the Azawak.   Please consider supporting our projects for 2011, as we progress to increase the impact of our endeavors.  Please also consider donating on a regular basis. 

Blessings for the New Year! 

Yours in hope and peace for the Azawak.


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