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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Good luck MCM runners and SC Team! And a $30,000 gift for Couloubade!

Dear Friends of the Azawak,
The Vibrant Village Foundation has once again pronounced itself a hero for the Azawak by contributing over $30,000 for a food project in our most recent borehole community, Couloubade. With this award, Amman Imman will be creating a woman’s run cereal bank and boutique this winter.

We hope to make a significant difference to the Fulani women of Couloubade, who currently travel up to six months a year in neighboring Chad, Nigeria, and Libya to make meager earnings selling traditional medicine and potions. During these difficult times, they leave their families behind, sometimes even their breastfeeding children, who are then taken care of by their husband’s co-wives. Creating vibrancy and stability in the community will reduce their time away from home as economic opportunity becomes more readily available locally.

Click to watch the video!

This generous gift has arrived at an opportune time, during the last week of training and preparations for both our Marine Corps Marathon runners, and our Solidarity Challenge Team (click here to see the video). I want to personally send a message of thank you to our runners and SC challengers! Good luck on the 27th as together we create a worldwide movement for the Azawak!!!

Yours for the Azawak,


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Watch our new video! And join our Solidarity Campaign!

Click here to watch the video

Dear Friends of the Azawak,

On October 27th, 18 runners will complete the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. for Amman Imman. There is still time to be a part of our worldwide movement in solidarity with our marathon runners and our communities in the Azawak by joining our Solidarity Challenge!!  Click on the link below the image to watch our new Solidarity Challenge video to learn more and be inspired!

Your challenge can be as wide-ranging and creative as you want.  For instance, write a song or poem for the Azawak (we’d happily publish it for you on our website), clean up a stream with your friends and kids, hold a pumpkin carving contest, or join me in running a half marathon. 

Sign up and create your fundraising page on FirstGiving to share with family and friends today!

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