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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Five Oaks Academy: A Compassionate Community of Givers

We recently received a donation totaling $4308.65 from Five Oaks Academy in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  The dollars raised symbolizes the tremendous spirit of these 42 students, their passionate teacher and their generous community of givers.  Throughout the school year in various fundraisers some sponsored by the Wells of Love program, the students raised $614.50.  In May, 41 students took part in an Amman-a-thon raising $3,694.60 by turning cartwheels, jumping rope, dribbling a basketball and engaging in other athletic activities.  Teacher Bonnie Benthall sent us this letter:

Dear Debbie and Ariane,
It is with great pleasure and a happy heart that I send this donation to you today.  I'm extremely proud of my students and all their efforts.  They have worked so hard for this wonderful cause.  All year long the students have been passionate about helping Amman Imman.

We have sold water at carlines and festivals.  Each student made crafts to sell at Christmas time for the Hand-in-Hand campaign, and all but one student was able to participate in our Amman-a-thon. Additionally, many of our students were so moved by this cause that they decided to raise money at home by selling soaps door to door, setting up a road side fruit stand, selling drawings, and selling candy. Other students donated allowances with parent matching their amount.  Many students are part of a local girl scout troop, which graciously donated part of their girl scout cooking money to Amman Imman.

The generosity of our students and parents continue daily.

Our school has participated in many other fundraising events, but no other organization or cause has created this large an impact on our students. I speak for all staff members at Five Oaks Academy in saying, Amman Imman and the efforts on behalf of Amman Imman have inspired our students to understand the true importance of philanthropic giving and helping others less fortunate.

I feel blessed to be a part of such a remarkable cause.  Thank you both for your support and efforts.

In Peace and Love,

Bonnie Benthall and Five Oaks Academy

Thank you, Bonnie, for being a beacon of light 
for your students and the children of the Azawak. 
You are an inspiration to teachers everywhere 
who want to teach their students 
what it means to give and take action.

Here are some photos from the Five Oaks Amman-a-thon through which the students engaged their philanthropic spirit, improved their athletic abilities, and employed their math skills while raising funds.

Boyd School Students Making A Difference

Over 600 students at the seven Boyd School campuses in Chantilly, Virginia took action to save lives in the Azawak of West Africa this spring.  Upper Elementary students in first grade through middle school, led by teacher Rodney Berthold and his middle school class, participated in A Walk for Water at a local park, while the younger students, ages 2 through 6, held Amman-a-thons at their schools.

This is the third year that Boyd School students have worked alongside Amman Imman: Water is Life to raise funds.  This year, I had the pleasure of presenting Amman Imman at many of the campuses. With the support of their teachers, parents, friends and neighbors, the students raised over $4,000.

Ariane Kirtley joined the Walk and spoke with the students before they started:

Some photos from Boyd School A Walk for Water
These Middle School students led the fundraising drive at their school.
About 100 upper elementary and middle school students took part in A Walk for Water.
We thank these 
Heroes of Compassion 
for walking to make a difference!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five Oaks Academy: Multiplying Promises into Dollars for Water

A recent letter from Bonnie Benthall, teacher at Five Oaks Academy in Simpsonville, South Carolina shares a little about her community's response and experience during their Amman-a-thon fundraising drive.  The Amman-a-thon ties together athletics, math and philanthropy, providing students with a first-hand experience of how practice adds up to something concrete and powerful.

Dear Debbie and Ariane,

In the next few days you will be receiving our donation for Amman Imman totaling $4,308.65!  I am so proud of our students!

This has been a wonderful journey for our students and I know that they will never forget the experiences they have had fund-raising for Amman Imman this year.  The commitment from all of our students and parents has been amazing.

Our Amman-a-thon was such a success. Many of our parents/family members underestimated how athletic their children were, pledging $1 or even $3. One grandmother pledged $3 each time her granddaughter did a back walkover and each time she did a cartwheel in 5 minutes.  Her total came to $549!

I quickly called this child's mom to see if grandmother wanted to change her pledge. The mother called the grandmother and the grandmother said that she did not want to change her pledge amount. She said $3 so she is going to pay $3 per repetition. She said she "does not want to disappoint that little girl".    

Look out for our package!!  Have a wonderful day!!

In Love and Peace,
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