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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day and Amman Imman on Nigerien TV

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The Reception in Kijigari Screen Shot
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The Reception of Kijigari


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Dear Friends of the Azawak,

Today, on World Water Day, please send a special thought to our friends in the Azawak.  As you well know – even though it’s difficult to fathom -- half of their children die before age 5, often from thirst. Thanks to your help, and the compassion of individuals worldwide, over 75,000 of our friends now have access to clean and sustainable water year-round.

As we think of our Azawak communities on this special day commemorating the very meaning of “water is life”, I want to invite you to view a most significant 5 minute video of the celebration of the Kijigari borehole.  This video, filmed by a Nigerien TV – Tele Sahel -- depicts the government of Niger and the leaders of Kijigari congratulating Amman Imman and students worldwide for the tremendous impact that their efforts have yielded.

In the video, the president of the Kijigari Water Management Committee, Adaman Houseinni, proclaims that the people  of Kijigari  have "a borehole that none other can equal".  He praises the Amman Imman team for saving the lives of men, women and children that were previously suffering from thirst, while at the same time protecting the trees and the environment.  The Nigerien government, represented by the prefect of the Department of Abalak, Commander Alhassan Boubakrin, says that "the little project Amman Imman, without funders other than little school children" is actually a "grand project", and that Amman Imman’s work demonstrates that "you can do great accomplishments with minimal means". Denis Gontero, Amman Imman's Niger Program Director (and my husband), thanks the children who diligently dedicated their time and resources for four years to raise the funds that helped to build the borehole.

On World Water Day, and everyday, please remember your brothers and sisters around the world who lack the most basic and essential of natural resources.   Stay posted for another update soon about our work in Niger, and exciting new developments within Amman Imman.

Very gratefully and sincerely yours for the children of the Azawak,
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