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Monday, November 7, 2016

Global Giving by Women Empowers Women and Girls in the Azawak

Amman Imman: Water is Life is partnering with Dining for Women, a grassroots organization with a vision to eradicate poverty for women and girls around the world through global giving circles. This month we are their featured organization. Women across the country will be dining together, learning about the Azawak and helping establish the Herds for Economic Resiliency (HERds) program for the women of Tangarwashane. HERds contributes to a woman's financial autonomy and better nutrition for their families by helping to re-establish livestock herds.
We are particularly excited about this collaboration. Dining for Women's model of bringing women together and educating them about social justice issues around the world that affect women and girls aligns with our values. In all of our projects in the Azawak, we emphasize empowering women and girls. Learning about social justice issues, deepening cross-cultural understanding, fostering a global perspective and inspiring collective philanthropy are key components of our Wells of Love service learning education program for students.  

Change in the world does not happen all by itself. We are very grateful to be standing together with all the members of Dining for Women.  Happy dining, learning and giving!  
Below you can view the video we made this summer about the HERds program, and Dining for Women's interview with Ariane Kirtley, Amman Imman's founder and director.

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