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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amman Imman combats Rift Valley Fever

Our Amman Imman health team is on the front lines fighting the Rift Valley Fever epidemic, which has already taken the lives of over 20 people in the northern Tahoua region. Outbreaks of RVF, a highly infectious viral disease, emerged in the Tahoua region in late August and has since spread to villages across the Azawak.
Hadiza examines a child in Tangarwashane

Our nurses Hadiza, Hachim, and Riskoua, are helping to treat infected individuals. They are also holding education classes to help prevent the spread of the disease which is transmitted through cattle and mosquitoes.

In the aftermath of August’s flooding and with malaria season at its peak, our team is working relentlessly to save lives.  

Thank you to all our supporters who are helping us keep our team in our communities as they provide essential life enhancing services!

Learn more about the Rift Valley Fever on the WHO website: Rift Valley Fever in Niger

As always, we gratefully accept and appreciate your donations.

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