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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Montessori Well of Love will be Built in the Azawak

Dear Montessori Friends and Friends of the Azawak,

A very exciting opportunity has opened up for our students who are engaging in the collaborative effort of building a Montessori Well of Love in the Azawak of West Africa. Amman Imman is about to start construction of their next borehole and it will be named Montessori Well of Love in honor of the students around the world who are helping.

Ariane has invited me to accompany the Amman Imman team to the Azawak to act as first-hand witness and representative of all the children.

My purpose in writing this email is to inform you about this next stage in Amman Imman's quest to bring water to this region and to ask for your support.

First of all, Ariane feels it is essential that the next Amman Imman borehole is the Montessori borehole because students have been helping for over two years. However, at this point $85,000 is needed to complete that borehole project. Amman Imman will begin drilling in the next few months but completion of the borehole, including construction and installation of the water tower, faucets and animal troughs will not begin until more funds are raised. Therefore, my request to you is to continue raising funds so that the borehole can be completed and water can be brought up from the abundant supply flowing beneath the Azawak.

Over 50 schools have participated. If each school raises $1,000, we would be $50,000 closer to our goal. I challenge each school to raise at least that amount!

Please know that we are not waiting for schools to meet this goal. Saving lives in the Azawak is Amman Imman's top priority and we will not wait. We are also seeking corporate sponsors who would like to partner with Amman Imman and be a major part of bringing water to all of the Azawak. If you know of, and are connected to, a business or foundation who might want to partner with Amman Imman and be part of saving lives in the Azawak, please contact me.

And now I have an offer for your students: My purpose in taking the trip will be to act as witness to the conditions facing the people of the Azawak and to return as spokesperson with documentation of their conditions. With Ariane, I plan to visit the village of Tangarwashane and meet the children whose lives have been transformed since the borehole started its operations over a year ago. My goal will be to connect students in America and around the world to the children in the Azawak sharing the stories, photos and videos that I collect. I invite participating schools to participate in a Friendship Exchange by making friendship bracelets and necklaces that I will deliver to the children in the Azawak. If your school is interested in being part of this exchange, please contact me directly for the details.

Please stay in touch with the blog at http://montessori-amman-imman-project.blogspot.com/ for more about the trip and how your school can participate in making a personal connection with children in this region.

Amman Imman thanks you for your support, Ariane thanks you, and I thank you.

In grateful appreciation,

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