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Friday, December 5, 2008

USA Program Coordinator and Redesigned Website!

Dearest Friends of the Azawak,

I write to you from the United States where I have been living and working since September. Over the course of these last couple of months, many exciting transformations have occurred within Amman Imman: Water is Life that have strengthened our organization and increased our ability to support fundraising activities. This update tells about several of these recent developments including the hiring of our USA program coordinator, the development of our newly reconfigured website and our upcoming plans.

Catherine Wagner: USA Program Coordinator

I am pleased and proud to announce that in September we hired Catherine Wagner as our USA Program Coordinator. Over the past year, Catherine worked with me as a dedicated volunteer. In addition to her enthusiasm and organizational skills, she brings to Amman Imman her experience living in Niger as a student through a Boston University program. As USA Program Coordinator, Catherine has wide ranging responsibilities. Among these, she works directly with the Friendship Caravan President, Michael Kirtley, to maintain financial and administrative records; she supports me in my various responsibilities as the organization's leader, particularly when I am overseas; and she will serve as support and liaison to our dedicated volunteers, bringing cohesion to our work in the United States. When I am not in the United States, Catherine will be your main point of contact, and you can look forward to hearing from her directly!

Beautiful reconfigured website: www.waterforniger.org

Our website has recently been redesigned with a new look. We are extremely excited about using this enhanced site to improve our communication and outreach with you!! The site is easily navigated, and will enable us to provide frequent updates about new developments within the organization and our work in Niger. Please check the site regularly for the most recent news on our campaigns and activities, and to download resources and tools (which will be made available very soon!) to use when reaching out to your communities.


As the organization grows, our capacity for fundraising increases as well. Since I have been in the United States, I have been working on increasing the organization’s capacity as well as fundraising for our next borehole. Denis and I, as well as several other members of the organization plan on being in Niger in February to launch the construction of our 2nd borehole. We are only $75,000 short, and with the help of our new and past supporters, as well as the campaigns we have recently developed, I am confident we will raise this money by mid spring. Please look forward to hearing more about our campaigns in my next update.

Yours in Peace and Hope,


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