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Amman Imman's is dedicated to empowering and preserving Africa's most vulnerable indigenous peoples and engaging school children worldwide as socially conscious leaders.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Please support Amman Imman on #GivingTuesday

Help us make the next 10 years even better. 

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Thank you for believing in our mission to serve the world’s most vulnerable.

We’ve helped thousands of families in Niger’s Azawak region eat three meals a day (topped with vitamin-filled vegetables!), and hundreds of children attend school. And thanks to you we have built bridges of friendship and understanding so crucial in today’s world.
While ignorance and hatred grows around the globe today, your compassion has been an essential message of peace between worlds that would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet, understand and care for one another.

Your donation will support water and food security, health projects, and education initiatives in the Azawak. 

Please....Support Amman Imman.

Mothers and fathers in the Azawak know that it is thanks to the compassion of mothers and fathers like them in the West that they have food to feed their children. Thanks to our Wells of Love students, children in the Azawak know that young people in the West believe in their future and want them to succeed.

We thank you, our donors, our students, our volunteers, and our communities, for allowing us to be a vector for humanity.

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