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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tanamert wooley! Thank you very much!

Please consider making an end-of-year tax-deductible gift to Amman Imman 
Tree planted in 2012 grows in Ebagueye

Here are some examples of how your donations help:

$10 = one tree 

$25 = two mosquito nets for a family 

$50 = school supplies for a child

$100 = craft supplies for a woman  

$250 = gardening tools for a family 

$500 = two goats to start a herd for a woman 

$1000 = one cow to supply milk to a family

Women receiving their goats 

Please send in your funds through our website or mail us a check:

Amman Imman

914 Robin Road, 

Silver Spring, MD 20901

Dear Friends and Devoted Supporters,

As 2014 draws to a close, we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season, and send you a message from our Azawak communities:

Tanamert wooley!  Thank you very much! 

We could not continue helping the children and families in the Azawak without your support and precious contributions.  You cannot imagine how grateful our Amman Imman team and communities are for your love and compassion. Contributions like yours have helped us enjoy a fulfilling year in the Azawak, where we continue to witness our communities grow and prosper thanks to ongoing projects, and various new activities. 

Filling empty bellies
At the beginning of the year, many of our families cried out for help to feed their children. While their borehole provides them with plentiful water, grain prices continue to skyrocket due to perpetual and ongoing drought. Hunger has become a primary cause of desperation. We helped as we could by providing affordable grain to the poorest. Thanks to the Tangarwashane, Couloubade, and Ebagueye cereal banks, children went to school bellies filled, and eager to use their new school books in their new school room provided by Amman Imman. Profits from the cereal bank are used to purchase additional grain, to counter the cycle of hunger.

Empowering women
With happier and healthier children, women could focus on other activities. For instance, women felt empowered by our various skills training programs, including sewing, management training, and literacy and counting. Many of our most vulnerable women felt much more financially secure thanks to our goat project, the artisan cooperative, and new jobs provided by the boutique, fodder and cereal banks.

Developing communities
Our boreholes continue to provide amazing relief, where children are generally much healthier, and everyone has more time to work, go to school, and enjoy a higher quality of life. We are training several young men from our communities over two years to become professional borehole mechanics. Our goal is to not only help improve the skills of men and women, but also to increase the autonomy of our communities as they become their own experts. 

Protection from malaria
Our mosquito net project was very popular. In Ebagueye alone, parents reported a significant decrease in malaria related illness. Whereas in previous years, the village chief traveled to Abalak almost daily during the rainy season to take children for emergency care to the clinic, this year he only made occasional trips to the clinic, as malaria-related sickness dropped considerably. 

Working towards resiliency
Our communities are extraordinarily grateful for all our projects, including gardening, latrines, mosquito nets, boutiques, grain mills, and more. While there is still a lot of work to be done, our activities bring them one step closer to vibrancy and resiliency, and changes their lives for the better.

Plans for 2015
We are excited to launch the New Year with our new nomadic heath clinic for all our communities, and we hope to build a borehole in a new community before the end of 2015. We want to increase our work with children in the Azawak and students around the world, as we recognize their tremendous potential as the true long-term change makers for the Azawak. We’ll be excited to keep sharing our progress with you throughout next year!

With wishes of love and peace, and extreme gratitude, 

Ariane, the entire Amman Imman team, and our Azawak communities

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