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Monday, July 14, 2014

Journey Across the United States with Christina Lange and Amman Imman

UPDATE: September 12, 2014 -- Christina and Marcus are in Montana, cycling in Glacier National Park. 
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Amman Imman and Christina Lange are partnering up for a 9,000 mile cross-country bike trip, during which this seasoned photographer will fundraise throughout her journey.

Christina Lange has always had a love of bicycling, and after meeting fellow enthusiast Marcus Peck during a convention in 2014, they decided to attempt an epic, yet challenging adventure--to bike across the United States.

Christina explains the trip:

We will meet again on the 2nd of July and set off into the wind on the 3rd...Leaving from Bakersfield, we will head first North to Missoula, then East to Boston, South to Washington DC and back West probably via Florida, Texas and Utah. This will be a journey we expect to last 6-8 months.”

Christina brings her photography prowess and Marcus comes with a writing background.  Between the two of them their journey will be well documented -- telling a slow, purposeful story as they each find meaning in the miles they pass by.

The pair have also taken on charities, which they will donate half of the money they fundraise to. We are extremely honored to announce Christina has chosen Amman Imman as one of those charities.

This isn’t the first interest she has shown in AI, either. Christina had the opportunity to meet Michael, our founder Ariane’s father, back in 2009. After learning about AI’s mission, she had wanted to do a photo documentary of the work we were doing and the region; however, she did not have the good fortune of securing a grant. With her new endeavor, Christina once again reached out to us, and we are so excited about her support.

AI will be following along Christina’s journey, and we hope that all you will, too. As the miles, days, and months go by, this long journey will show the world just how much one step, and one person can do.

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Follow the adventures of Christina and Marcus on their blog, 
Cycling across the country and back again, 9000 miles, coast to coast to coast

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