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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 More Days til We Walk for Water!

At our weekly planning meeting
Planning the festival layout during a site visit
Tifinagh help from our Tuareg friends. This says "Amman Imman"
A beautiful creek to explore
What will you discover on A Walk for Water?

Dear Friends of the Azawak,
A Walk for Water 2014 is rapidly approaching, on May 10 just 10 days from today! Our team of volunteer event planners -- Rebecca, Jamie, Andre, Kim, Stephen and myself -- are so excited! We've got a great experience in store for you -- with fun educational activities for the kids, yummy food and refreshments, cultural demonstrations, indigenous crafts to feast your eyes upon, music from West Africa, special guests -- not to mention an adventurous 3 mile walk! 

Our list of "official sponsors" -- those who are participating at the event -- continues to grow: Reel Water Film Festival, Oneness-Family School, Dog Meets World, The Compost Crew, Algerian guitarist Kamel Zennia, Malian singer/songwriter Hadesh Walet and Ghanian percussionist Michael Kweku Owusu. I'm not going to put their links right here. Instead, I'm asking you to go to our registration website, register yourself and your family, and explore these great contributors who are listed in the sponsor section.

Registration fees will be higher on May 10, so please register in advance! Not only will you avoid paying a higher fee, but if you register before the event you have the opportunity help us raise funds. After all -- this is a FUNDRAISER!  

We will provide a global service experience for you and your family. You will learn about the Tuareg and Fulani people Amman Imman serves. We give you the opportunity to contribute towards Amman Imman's projects. Children in the Azawak sometimes have to travel as many as 35 miles in a day searching for water. Amman Imman has made clean and sustainable water accessible for over 100,000 in the region. With your help, we are shaping children's futures with education, health initiatives, women's empowerment programs, and more. It's YOU who are making a difference.  

So please, take a moment and register. We know you are coming to the event -- last year we had around 200 people and raised $7000. But right now, just 11 days, before A Walk for Water we have under 40 people officially registered and we've raised just $3,523 (mostly the gifts of two foundation donors) which doesn't even cover the event costs. It will really, really help us with our planning (and our nerves) if you would register in advance, and send out your fundraising page to help raise funds.   

We have an incentive, but you need to register by tonight at midnight to be eligible! For every $25 raised by April 30 your name will be entered into a drawing to win a Kindle Fire. Your registration fee counts towards the drawing, so that's a little gift from us to you!

You make all the difference in the world.We'll see you on May 10!

Sincerely yours, for the Azawak,

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