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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Amman Imman and Vibrant Village provide food relief

Dear Friends of the Azawak,

As you may know, Amman Imman drilled its newest borehole earlier this year for the community of Ebagueye. The primary funder, The Vibrant Village Foundation, has once again provided invaluable help by funding an emergency food relief project in Ebagueye.

Over the months of September and October, we will have distributed 40 tons of millet to Ebagueye and its 12 surrounding communities. Our aim has been to help cover the food needs of Ebagueye’s 400 most vulnerable families, approximately 2800 people, as we await grain prices to fall in Niger.

Amman Imman’s philosophy is not to give anything away free of charge, but rather to make staples and basic necessities more affordable and accessible. Hence, we have sold this millet at a low charge, and the profit is returning to the community as a fund to establish a long-term grain store/cereal bank and woman-run community store. The grain is currently being managed by Ebagueye’s borehole management committee. However, we will soon be transferring their responsibility regarding the grain to a newly elected all-woman cereal bank management committee.

Amman Imman will have also provided 10 tons of millet to our Tangarwashane borehole community. In this case, half of the profit made from grain sells has gone toward Tangarwashane’s cereal bank. The other half has gone to its borehole fund, to help pay for ongoing maintenance.

Amman Imman has many plans, including a new borehole, and ongoing life-improving and revenue-generating activities for all of our borehole communities.

Stay tuned in upcoming updates to learn more about our projects in the Azawak! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Yours for the Azawak,
Ariane Kirtley
Founder and Director

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