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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Reception of the Montessori Well of Love in Kijigari

We are excited to share with you this video,  filmed last year in the village of Kijigari at the official opening reception of the Montessori Well of Love.   Tele Sahel TV televised the grand occasion during which village leaders, government officials and local authorities commended Amman Imman's work as a "vital accomplishment for the populations" of the Azawak.   Denis Gontero, Amman Imman's Niger program director, attended the ceremony, and accepted an award of recognition on behalf of the entire Amman Imman team, including the young people in our Wells of Love program.   Denis spoke about the contribution of children around the world who selflessly "put aside their money, little by little, for the past three years" and gave their time, raising the funds that made the borehole construction possible.  

The Prefect of Abalak, Mr. Daouda Hamidou, representing the  local government,  declared that "little project" Amman Imman was in actuality a "grand project" culminating in immense and profound implications for the people of the Azawak.  He said Amman Imman,  with the assistance of school children as the funders had "demonstrated that you can do great accomplishments with minimal means".    He congratulated Amman Imman on behalf of the President of Niger.    The local government and the Kijigari community collaborated with Amman Imman to complete the borehole project.

Village leader and President of the Kijigari Water Management Committee,  Mr. Adaman Housseini, proclaimed in his speech that  Kijigari and surrounding communities now will "benefit from a borehole that none other can equal".  He acknowledged Ariane Kirtley, Denis Gontero, and Momine Abdoulaye for  providing water that not only eases thirst and preserves the environment,  but crucially saves both human and animal lives.

Mr. Housseini went on to articulate what has become the  focus and realization of Amman Imman's work in building these Oases of Life: that responsibility does not end when the water begins to flow.  The construction and implementation of a borehole opens the possibility for the social and economic development of a community.  Amman Imman intends to support the communities of the Azawak as life flourishes around the utilization of the boreholes's life-giving water.  

Denis Gontero sent his encouragement to the villagers to work together to ensure that the borehole will benefit not only the children of Kijigari but all the children in the Azawak.  He asserted Amman Imman's pledge to   to make water available to all 500,000 people in the region.   "This borehole, although situated in Kijgari, is for everyone.  This water is for everyone."

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