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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Construction is finished! Water Flows from the Kijigari Well of Love!

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Dear Friends of the Azawak,
This Spring our Heroes of Compassion in the USA and France proved mightier than a world recession, and more determined than the plight of hunger and drought facing the Sahel.  As students dutifully walked, dribbled basket balls, hoola-hooped, jumped rope, and jumping jacked in A Walk for Water and Amman-a-thon events, our team in Niger launched the construction of the water tower, faucets, and troughs in Kijigari.  With this year’s drought in Niger proving more devastating than previous years, and families relying on eating dirt to fill empty bellies, the gift of water, hope, and life arrived in the nick of time for the Kijigari community.

Ammanathon 6Every step, dribble, and jump established the foundation for a new brick or piece of equipment, as slowly the long awaited structure of life rose above the parched marsh and thorn-covered acacia trees, ready to bear life giving water.  By the end of June, the miraculous day happened when newly elected Zalika, of the Kijigari Water Management Committee proudly opened the first operational water faucet. 

Zalika 3As quoted by Adam, the president of the Water Management Committee:   “Amman Imman and Heroes of Compassion worldwide made the unbelievable real”.  Student’s untiring efforts worked magic, as they raised over $22,000 in just a few months tobuild their Montessori Well of Love.
Management committee 4Since January, contributions from people like you, our dedicated supporters of the Azawak, along with the fundraising efforts of Heroes Compassion, have reached $38,000. However, Amman Imman must still raise $16,000 to pay the remaining fee for construction.  Please click here to donate today and help us finish paying for the Kijigari Well of Love. 

Stay posted for a series of weekly installments to read about the fascinating and moving Kijigari borehole tale.  I will share with you the moments of exuberance experienced by the Kijigari community when they first witnessed water flowing in their village.  I will tell you how we successfully raised thousands of dollars thanks to our Heroes of Compassion and other dedicated supporters.  You will learn how Denis and Moumine oversaw the borehole construction, and participated in electing the members of the Kijigari Water Management Committee.   I will also give you an update on Tangarwashane, and how the borehole continues to change the community’s life three years later.  And finally, I will share with you our plans for the future and our vision for creating oases of life throughout the Azawak. 

Sincerely yours for the children of the Azawak,


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