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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dennis Hamilton: A Man of Heart and Soul

Yesterday, Amman Imman lost one of its dearest friends. Associate Director Dennis Hamilton passed away. Those fortunate enough to cross paths with Dennis knew him as a devoted friend and a man who dedicated his life to peace and service. His last act was taking down the Amman Imman photo exhibit at the MurphyArts gallery in Keene, New Hampshire.

Having met Ariane Kirtley when she was a student at Yale University, Dennis was Amman Imman’s first volunteer. He helped Ariane spread awareness about the plight of the people of the Azawak, acting as spokesperson and advocate. He worked tirelessly to secure interviews for Ariane, set up photo exhibits and obtain the support of individuals, businesses and organizations.

Dennis exemplified the best qualities that as teachers we want our students to possess. He cared about people. He saw beauty and truth in others. He helped his local community. He had a global vision that he put into action. He expressed his passion to wake up the world:
We believe there are no borders between people or countries where children die of dehydration. They are all our children, our brothers and sisters. There are no borders except those we make for ourselves. – Dennis Hamilton, June 25, 2007
I am deeply honored to have gotten to know Dennis in the course of doing this work. Dennis consistently encouraged me, inspiring me to continue. It is rare that someone can see you. Dennis had the soul to see.

The Amman Imman family grieves the loss of dear, dear Dennis. Together we embrace his life, and accept the generous capacity of his heart into our hearts.

We Love You, Dennis

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